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Updated: Feb 13

Welcome back Shadowmatch Friends!  We hope that the new year has started off well for you and we wish you a fulfilling year, both personally and professionally.  As we kick off the year with our first newsletter, we are excited to share with you what will be happening in the Shadowmatch space.

1. Shadowmatch Calendar

We have a jammed-packed year planned with various webinars and engagement sessions with the Shadowmatch Team.  Our first webinar took place on Wednesday, 31 January and focused on the value that Shadowmatch can offer businesses.  If you missed the information session, you can watch it in your own time by clicking on the following link:

You can access the full calendar by going to and clicking on ‘Events 2024’ in the top right corner.

We are looking forward to hosting you and learning together.


2. Shadowmatch Opportunities

If you know about someone who is in a position to embark on a new venture or even those who are interested in starting some form of a side hustle to generate additional income, or to start their own business, please tell them about the opportunities Shadowmatch has to offer. 

Herewith some information that you can use.  In doing this, you can help people to do something very meaningful, become financially independent and make the world a better place.

  • Become a Shadowmatch Promoter

Anyone can become a Shadowmatch Promoter. We provide everything a Promoter will need to talk to others about Shadowmatch. When these talks turn into business for Shadowmatch, the Promoter earns commission for the lifetime of the account and the Shadowmatch office supports the client. To embrace this opportunity today, follow this link: 

  • Become a Shadowmatch Coach

For people who want to make a difference in the lives of others, this is a great opportunity. These individuals can become a Shadowmatch Coach. They start their own coaching practice, get their own clients and administrate their own finances and invoicing to clients. 

Shadowmatch provides all the training they need, marketing material as well as an automated coaching system with more than 30 Coaching Programmes to choose from. 

The coach pays Shadowmatch a fee per month per person they coach. This video has more information:

You can also go to or send an email to

  • Senior Students: Student-to-Student Coaching

Any student in their second year, and more senior, can now become a Student-to-Student Coach. These students can do Study Methods coaching and earn pocket money by helping fellow students to use their optimal study methods based on their habits. Shadowmatch provides all the necessary training as well as the content and the methods that will work best for a specific student. Tell students who are interested to go to or to send an email to

This is our way of saying thank you to you, for sharing the value of Shadowmatch with others.


3. Big Data

Since August 2023 we have been sharing some fascinating insights and trends about the habits in our society.  If you missed the first two posts about the findings, you can find them in our August and October newsletters  Here are some more interesting findings from our big data set.

As a community, Innovation is our third lowest habit. Propensity to Change is also amongst our lower habits. These two habits combined define how the broad community deals with change and how the broad community innovates. Our collective behaviour is soft on innovation and on the soft side of change. It is for this reason that change in business and government, social structures, technology, and operations at work are difficult to implement and the take-up is always met with a certain level of resistance. Businesses, governments, and technology companies must be aware of this. Change and innovation must be implemented with a soft and a slow process. Small steps must be taken and there must be full transparency on why the changes are necessary and what the process will be.

On a personal level, it must be noted that we are sometimes stressed just because the changes that we have to deal with exceed our habitual capacity to deal with them. What you can do is to take your Shadowmatch Results and look at your habit intensities for Propensity to Change and Innovation. Then ask yourself if you had to deal with certain changes over the recent six months or so. If the change that you had to deal with exceeds your capacity to process it, stress can stack in your life.

We are currently in a changing and very innovative phase of history. Technology that we use every day changes our lives. Think of ChatGPT as just one example. Maybe it is not a bad idea to get a coach and do a PDP on either Propensity to Change or Innovation. It can reduce the stress levels we experience as a community.

You can find more information about our Coaching Programmes and Shadowmatch Coaches at


4. Book

In our December 2023 Newsletter we announced the release of a new book by Pieter de Villiers, Shadowmatch – A Simplified Model for Understanding Behavior’.

As you turn the pages, you’ll uncover a comprehensive understanding of this distinctive method amidst the rich tapestry of human behaviour paradigms.  Join us in unravelling the complexities of human behaviour and discover a fresh perspective on the captivating world of Shadowmatch.

The book is available for download: by following this link

The book is also available in hard copy (South Africa only) at a cost of R 100 (excl. courier fees).  Please contact the office at if you would like to place an order.


5. Quiz

Last but not least – we are starting our quizzes again!  Test your Shadowmatch knowledge and win a prize! 


We look forward to an exciting 2024 with you as we work together to achieve success for all!



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