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Become a Shadowmatch Promoter

Anybody who wants to actively create a passive income can now become a Shadowmatch Promoter.

Watch the 1-minute info video to find out how:

Get in touch to become a Shadowmatch Promoter:

Thank you, we'll be in touch.

Shadowmatch Promoters are not employed by Shadowmatch or any of its holding companies.

They are independent individuals who promote Shadowmatch into their networks and they introduce Shadowmatch to places, people, business and institutions to whom and where the system can add benefit.


Once their introduction of the system has triggered interest, the professional Shadowmatch specialists will present the full working capabilities of the system to the lead from the Shadowmatch Promoter.

If this lead turns into paid business the Shadowmatch Promoter receives 10% commission on the Shadowmatch usage of the system for the lifetime of the clients’ usage of Shadowmatch and/or Skillsgrid.

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