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It's interesting to see an example report, but there is so much more value in receiving your own reports based on your unique habits. Simply follow the link to to receive the value of your own unique reports today!

To download report examples click on the report icons.

Personal Feedback Report

The Personal Feedback Report is not a comparative report but an individual report, providing a full outline of all an individual’s habits, what they mean, how they integrate with other habits and how to read and understand the graph displaying the relative intensity of the behavioural patterns / habits of the individual.

Personal Development Program

In order to move a new or an existing employee to closer match the behavioural habits of the benchmark group, Shadowmatch provides 20 Personal Development Programs (PDPs).  All the Shadowmatch PDP’s are interactive and outcomes based. These PDP’s require an individual to actively engage with the development program in order to successfully grow in the behavioural focus area of the PDP. An individual can choose any of the 20 development programs for either business, sport or an academic environment.

WorkMatch/Studentmatch Report

Shadowmatch generates a report for the individual highlighting how the individual matches the top performers doing the same job or studying the same course.  This report assists the individual in understanding where he/she has habits that are different to that of the benchmark. It also suggest areas for development.

Recruitment Specification

Once a benchmark has been created, Shadowmatch allows the user to generate a recruitment specification.  This specification outlines the behavioural habits necessary for doing that job in that specific area in the business.  This specification can be e-mailed to the recruiter / placement agency in order to guide him / her / them in forwarding the correct candidates for the selection pool.

Matching Report

Shadowmatch generates this report by comparing the habits of the individual to that of the top performers to determine the anticipated propensity for the individual to succeed in doing the same job under the same working conditions as the top performers. This report informs the user of the challenges the individual will face when doing the same job as the top performers and assists in understanding why some people find it difficult to deliver their best performance in doing a specific job.

Team Analysis Report

This is a comprehensive report outlining the habits of the team as an entity.  It highlights how the habits of each individual in the team compare to the habits of the team.  The report lists the various individuals in each of the sub groups and shows the strength of each of the sub groups

Interview Pack

Shadowmatch provides the user with a full interview pack.  The interview pack consists of 10 outcomes based questions against which the candidate can be assessed in a structured interview process.  The questions are uniquely selected against the shadow / benchmark and allow the user to interview all candidates for a specific position against the behavioural habits of the top performers (benchmark).  

Relationship Reports

The Shadowmatch system has the capability to help people manage their relationships. This is done by means of the Relationship Reports. By comparing the habits of two people in a relationship, we can learn what might frustrate us, which areas we can use to develop the relationship and which behaviour areas can lead to relationship disconnectedness. The system offers 8 different Relationship Reports: Work, family, friends, love, marriage, parent-child, teacher-student, staying together (co-habitation).

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