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Personal Skills Graph

The Skillsgrid system gives an individual the opportunity to capture his/her level of skill on 25 skills. The result is then displayed in a graph.  All additional information captured by the individual will populate at the bottom of the graph.

Benchmark Skills Graph

The Skillsgrid benchmark gives an outline of the skills necessary for success in the job.  The benchmark is created by the top performers or alternatively by a line manager or HR representative. The benchmark shows the priority of the skills for the job as well as the intensity at which the skill needs to be present in order to be successful in the job

Matching Skills Graph

The skills of an individual are matched against the benchmark.  The system interprets the match by means of red, amber and green indicators.  The match indicator takes into consideration the priority of the skill as well as the individual’s level at which the skill exists and how this compares to the benchmark.

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