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Shadowmatch Newsletter August 2023

1. Exciting News of the Month

Congratulations to Lourens Delport for winning our May quiz. We hope that you enjoy spending your Takealot voucher!

Do you want to test your Shadowmatch knowledge and win a voucher? Click on this month’s quiz link:

The correct answers of the May quiz were answered in a webinar held on the 5th of July and covered (1) Locking and unlocking of a benchmark, (2) Team sub-groups, (3) Profile fields, and (4) Interview Packs. Missed the right answers, watch the webinar again.


2. System Tip of the Month

Our Developers are continuously working to improve the system to ensure all our clients and users have the best experience when using any of the Shadowmatch platforms. We shine the spotlight on the following improvements:

(1) Results View

The system now allows a user to keep the chosen Results Graph view as the default setting. This one-minute video explains this enhancement:

(2) Select Ranking

When selecting a specific ranking of Shadowmatch results in one of the listings (e.g., Applicants), the system will keep the selection as the default setting. This one-minute video demonstrates this system enhancement:


3. Interactive Shadowmatch Results Graph

We want to remind our users that the Shadowmatch Results view on the system is interactive. Click on any of the bar graphs to gain immediate access to the interpretation of that specific habit.

This two-minute video gives more insight:


4. Sandbox

We have also created a Sandbox environment where you can play around on the system. To access the Sandbox, please go to and use the following details:

Password: Demo1234


5. Community Initiative

One of our focus areas for 2023 is to support people in having thriving relationships with others. We kicked off our first Community Initiative for the year on 29 March in the webinar titled ‘Understanding Relationships: Love’. This was followed by the second webinar on 31 May, ‘Understanding Relationships: Friendship’.

If you missed the first two webinars, follow the below links to catch up and gain valuable insights into Love and Friendship relationships.

Love Relationship:

Friendship Relationship:

We are crossing over the half-way mark and will be hosting our third webinar on Wednesday 30 August at 3pm SAST. Don’t miss the second last relationship webinar for 2023!

You can join the webinar by clicking on the event in our Events Calendar on .

Invite others to join this webinar by sharing the below link:

The last webinar will be ‘Understanding Relationships: Security’ and will be held on 29 November.

29 November

​Understanding Relationships: Security


6. Big Data Analysis Research Project: Part 1.

The Shadowmatch Research Team has done some fascinating work with the data we have on the system. We randomly and anonymously exported the habit scores of 10 000 individuals without any discrimination on the basis of anything. We just exported a selection. We then worked out all the statistical data profiling, averages, standard deviations, lowest scores, and highest scores. This is what we found:

Lowest Habits

Propensity to Hand-off. The underlying dominant construct that prevents a community to hand-off and delegate tasks and responsibilities is trust. Even when we need to hand-off to systems and smart technologies, lack of trust inhibits the learning of this habit. This tells us that, as a community, we do not hand-off to systems and people easily - we experience difficulties in learning this habit because our index of trust is low.

Individual Inclination. As a community we don’t want to be alone, isolated, and excluded from society and social interaction with others. Our collective habit of Individual Inclination makes it difficult for us to live and work in isolation. This is a call to support those who have to live alone for whatever reason. We can, with a relatively high level of certainty, accept that people who are living and working alone experience difficulties in dealing with it; and we have a call to support such members of our societies, colleagues, and family members.

What if the habits of the individual are very high on these two habits? Then nothing other than the fact that it could become a social friction point between the individual and society. But relax, most people who experience such friction points have learned the habit to deal with it. In our next Newsletter, more about this work.


Kind regards

The Shadowmatch Team


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