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Shadowmatch Newsletter May 2023

1. Exciting News of the Month

In our previous newsletter we announced that we will have a Newsletter Quiz every month and we are pleased to announce that the winner of the March Quiz is

Melt van Schoor.

Well done Melt! A few people, including Melt, answered all the questions correctly. We entered the names into a randomiser and Melt was the lucky winner. The prize, a book written by Pieter de Villiers, Lizette de Villiers, and Jan Niemand, ‘Through the Looking Glass into the Mirror’, was handed over to Melt by Lizette.

The March Quiz questions and correct answers were shared in the System Support and Navigation webinar on the 2nd of May. Watch the webinar to broaden your Shadowmatch knowledge:

We are excited to launch the May Quiz and you can participate by following the link: or click below.

We are excited to have a R 500.00 Takealot Voucher as the prize for our second quiz. Should one of our international clients win, the prize will be replaced by an Amazon Voucher. Good luck to everyone participating!


2. System Tip of the Month

We want to go back to basics for this month’s system tip and start right at the beginning – sending out worksheet invitations. There are three different ways to send out worksheet invitations:

(1) Direct individual invitation

This invitation function is used when you have only a few invitations to send directly to the individual.

Go to the Entity from which you want to send the invitation, click on ‘Send Invites/Codes’ and select the first option at the top of the page, ‘Send Invites to Individuals’:

The below page will open and you can enter the individual’s First Name, Last Name, and Email. By clicking in the green + sign, you can add more lines for more individuals. Select which worksheet invites to send out, Shadowmatch, Career Report, Study Report, or Skillsgrid, as well as the ‘Type’ (Applicant, Employee, or Benchmark Individual). You can also add an Additional Message in the block provided and then click on ‘Submit’ to send the invitation.

The individual will receive the email invitation directly from the system, either delivered to their inbox or spam folder, depending on their email settings.

(2) Bulk invitation to a group of people

The second option is when you have a number of invitations to send but you do not want to enter the details one-by-one. The bulk invitation option makes it easy to send any number of invitations at the same time. All you need to do is prepare the information, First Name, Last Name and Email in an excel sheet, with each unit of information in a separate column.

To send out bulk invitations, go to the Entity from which you want to send the invitations, click on ‘Send Invites/Codes’ and select the ‘Bulk Send Invites to Individuals’ option at the top of the screen.

On the next screen, select the second option, ‘Open the spreadsheet viewer’.

Copy and paste the required information from your excel spreadsheet into the spreadsheet viewer and indicate which information appears in which column by selecting the information in the dropdown menus for ‘Email, First Name, Last Name’. Also select which types of invites you want to send in the dropdown for ‘Codes for’, and the ‘Type’ (Applicant, Employee, Benchmark Individual). You can add an Additional Message and click ‘Submit’.

(3) Worksheet codes for individuals who do not have email addresses

Shadowmatch uses an email address as an individual’s unique identifier, but we realise that in some instances individuals may not have an email address. The code option is specifically for individuals who do not have an email address but has to complete Shadowmatch.

To retrieve a list of codes to be distributed to individual(s), go to the Entity from which you want the worksheet completed, go to ‘Send Invites/Codes’ and select either ‘Print/Download Codes’ or ‘Email Codes to Administrator’.

You can follow the prompts for either option and obtain your codes to be shared with the relevant individuals. Please direct the individuals to and have them follow the following steps:

As they do not have an email address, they have to click on ‘No Email?’ in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

They can then enter their code and follow the prompts to set up their login details and start their worksheet.

We encourage system users to send worksheet invitations directly from the system and ONLY use the Code option if individuals do not have an email address.

You can also track completion online by clicking on ‘Send Invites/Codes’ and viewing the ‘Unfinished Worksheet’ section.


3. Community Initiative

One of our focus areas for 2023 is to support people to have thriving relationships with others. We kicked off our first Community Initiative for the year on 29 March in the webinar titled ‘Understanding Relationships: Love’. If you missed it, click here to watch it

Please join us on the 31st of May at 15:00 SAST for our second Community Initiative webinar, Understanding Relationships: Friendship’. Friends prevent isolation and loneliness and increase your sense of belonging and purpose. It can further boost your happiness and reduce stress. Join the webinar to learn more about the importance of friendships in our lives and how to nurture this type of relationship in your life.

You can join the webinar by clicking on the event in our Events Calendar on or clicking the link below:

We will remind you again when the next Community Initiative Webinars come up, but lock the remaining webinars into your calendar so long:

30 August

Understanding Relationships: Business Relationships

29 November

​Understanding Relationships: Security


4. Why Coaching

Coaching will become one of the biggest human support functions in the future.

As we continuously face new AI systems and the invention and deployment of new technology, people will progressively feel out of their depth and stressed. People seek solutions to help them deal with changing realities in the workplace, in their relationships, in their families and just with life in general.

The best way for any individual to deal with the challenges of life as well as progress to the next level of success, is to journey with a coach. Most successful people have a coach. Just think of sport professionals as well as business executives. What helps them to be great? A coach!

Shadowmatch offers a world-class coaching system! The Shadowmatch coaches help individuals to craft a meaningful and successful life. They focus on fulfilment coaching, relationship coaching, career coaching, personal development coaching as well study method coaching.

This coaching service is available to any individual. To learn more about his offering, visit


Kind regards

The Shadowmatch Team



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