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Shadowmatch Newsletter October 2023

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

1. Exciting News of the Month

Kenji Garnatt is the winner of our August Newsletter Quiz, congratulations! We hope that you enjoy spending your Yuppiechef voucher!

Our next quiz is ready, and a Takealot/Amazon (depending on your location) voucher is up for grabs this time round.

Please click below to participate and stand a chance to win!

Good luck to everyone!


2. System Tip of the Month

We hope that you are enjoying playing around in our Sandbox environment. This is a perfect environment for you to become very comfortable with the Shadowmatch functionalities and see how the system operates.

In line with our mission to continually optimise our users’ experience of the system, we have aligned our system training with some new updated learning material. The noteworthy additions to the online training modules are: Principles of Benchmarks, How to Create a Benchmark, and the Application of Shadowmatch for Redeployment, Succession Planning, and Employee Engagement.

Would you like to redo your training to ensure you are making optimal use of the system? Please contact the office at and we will share the training links with you again.


3. Community Initiative

It has been an insightful journey learning all about relationships during 2023 and our last Relationship webinar, ‘Understanding Relationships: Security’, will be hosted on 29 November.

You can join the webinar by clicking on the event in our Events Calendar on or invite others to join the webinar by sharing the following link:

If you missed any of the relationship webinars, or would like to watch them again, follow the links below:

Love Relationship

Friendship Relationship

Business Relationship


4. Big Data Analysis Research Project: Part 2

When we try to understand the social trends and collective behavior of people, the best approach is to work with data. The Shadowmatch team is very fortunate as we have access to big data sets for research purposes. In fact, too much data can also be a challenge because it becomes difficult to decide where to look. What we’ve done is to draw all the statistical trends and averages on all the habits of 10 000 randomly and anonymously selected individuals.

In our previous newsletter we shared two aspects of the trends we saw. We discussed the two softest habits in society, Propensity to Hand-off and Individual Inclination. If you missed the first part to this series, please click here to read our August Newsletter.

In this newsletter we will discuss the strongest habit in society: Conflict Handling. Keep in mind that we learn habits as a result of behavioral repetition. As a society, the behavior that we repeated most as a habitual learning pattern, is Conflict Handling, and it became our strongest collective habit.

The question is why do we repeat this behavior with such a high level of repetition and intensity? Because we live in a society where there is so much conflict that we have to learn the habit of living with it and dealing with it. It became a social survival habit. In short. The fact that we have learned the habit of Conflict Handling as a collective strongest habit is a symptom that we live in a conflict-saturated society where this habit is important for social survival.


5. Black Friday

It is that time of year again! And we are going even BIGGER this year! Our Black Friday Special will run for a WHOLE MONTH from 1 November – 30 November 2023. All PAYG and Bulk purchases will get slashed by 30%! Yes, you read that right! We are giving you a 30% discount for being a loyal customer so that you can get even more value out of Shadowmatch.

Mark it in your calendar and contact your Shadowmatch consultant or the Shadowmatch office to make use of this deal!

1 – 30 November, don’t miss out!


Kind regards

The Shadowmatch Team



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