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Updated: Jul 3


We are very excited to be hosting our first ever Human Resources Expo on 17 September 2024!  We are looking forward to engaging with you!

Our experience is that HR is not always given the optimal space to serve the interests of the business. When HR is given the space to serve business interests effectively, they can fully utilise their expertise and positively impact the organisation.  Understanding HR’s crucial role ensures they manage the company’s most valuable asset, its people.  As the workplace evolves with factors like the aftermath of Covid-19, automation, and AI, HR can lead the way in building a positive, effective workforce.  By doing so, HR contributes to a healthy and thriving business environment.

Each Expo participant will also receive the following three books: Shadowmatch – A Simplified Model for Understanding Behaviour, and Human Resource Management in an AI World, both authored by Pieter de Villiers, and Our Future World, authored by Pieter de Villiers, Lizette de Villiers and Jan Niemand.

Sign up now for our bi-weekly Conference Editorial and be the first to receive information about the Expo topics and our partners! You can also purchase your Expo tickets by following the link below.



High performing employees are probably the most valuable assets in business. The skills of successful employees are amongst the critical building blocks for success. In most instances, highly talented people display their talents as a skill. All business leaders agree about the fact that a general scarcity of skills compromises the success and growth of their businesses.

Skillsgrid is an automated system that enables employers to better understand the individual and collective skills of their employees, the skills gap they face as well as training and development interventions necessary for optimal workforce success. It also informs the recruitment process with a match between the applicant and the skills profile related to each job.

Contact the Shadowmatch Office today to schedule a demonstration!


The archiving functionality is so powerful, that we want to feature it again in this month’s

newsletter. This functionality gives you the ability to declutter your system yourself by removing results which you do not work with on a regular basis any longer (e.g., result

profiles used for a recruitment process and now you sit with a lot of unsuccessful candidates in a specific folder).


A question we receive quite often is ‘How long are the results for Shadowmatch valid?’.

Even though behaviour is quite stable and established, some changes can however occur as our lives and circumstances change. When working with Shadowmatch results, it is best to work with results that are not older than 18 months. This enables you to work with someone’s most relevant and recent behaviour map and allows you to make decisions about this individual based on an accurate reflection of their habits.



Thank you to all the participants who joined our Facts about Coaching webinar on the 12th of June. If you missed it, or want to watch it again, click on the Facts about Coaching link below:



Congratulations to Tsholofelo Sithole on winning the April newsletter quiz. We hope you enjoyed your prize!

If you want to win, you can participate in our July quiz and we will announce the

winner in our next newsletter.


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