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Exciting news, the Shadowmatch Team has redesigned and rebuilt the website. The core reason for this work links to the purpose of this website; it is an information library but with a challenge.

The challenge we have is the amount of information that is available to clients. We focus on six primary areas where the system is used and within each of these areas there are multiple applications of the system.

Then we have research papers, PhD research studies, validation documents, references, case studies and books in support of the system.

We have about 400 videos in total, some to explain every small detail of the system, many training videos, and other videos to help our clients to use the system optimally.  To organise all this information in a structured and simplified manner is not all that easy. We have done lots of work to make the website easy to navigate and to find the information you need. Enjoy the new design!

Please head over to and have a look!



Is your system becoming somewhat cluttered with ‘old’ data and you would like to remove results you no longer work with (e.g. result profiles used for a recruitment process and now you sit with a lot of unsuccessful candidates in a specific folder)?  The archiving function is the perfect function for you!



Want to be a Coach?

Want to become a coach? Join the Shadowmatch FACTS ABOUT COACHING webinar hosted by Shadowmatch to help everybody who is considering becoming a coach to make up their minds.

We are all familiar with advertisements stating that you can earn a passive income by investing just a small amount into some kind of profit scheme. We also know that most of this is misleading information.

Shadowmatch does exactly the opposite. We are honest, and we work with facts.

This is what we want you to know:

  • Coaching is hard work.

  • The coach needs to do some training.

  • It takes time to coach.

  • It is not a passive income.

  • Coaching is not for everybody.

But coaching is very fulfilling for those who are natural coaches.

Yes, coaching can generate a very good income for the coach.

Yes, coaching sits extremely well with people who experience an urge to make a difference in the lives of others.

The most important aspect is that coaching can be done full-time, part-time, as a side hustle, or even as a big business, with many coaches working as a team in a practice.

If you want the FACTS ABOUT COACHING, join our free webinar on 12 June 2024 at 3 pm SAST. Listen, learn, ask questions, and decide.



The Shadowmatch Team will host a Human Resources Expo on 17 September 2024, this will be an in-person Expo in Pretoria.

Our experience is that HR isn’t always given the optimal space to serve the interests of the business. There are many reasons for this. Sometimes HR is inundated with work that doesn’t belong to them; they are not trained to do it, and it is not within their scope of service. Sometimes the leadership team of the business is not aware of the role of HR. In too many companies, HR is side-lined to do recruitment and solve people problems. This is sad because HR is responsible for the most expensive production engine of the business, namely the people. But there is another challenge. The workplace in many companies has changed, and it will change even more in the future. The reasons are, among many, the after-effect of the Covid work-from-home challenges, workplace automation, and artificial intelligence in the future of work, the challenge of finding the right people for the business, and the quest for a healthy, strong, positive, and effective workforce.

The Expo will be on 17 September 2024. To start unlocking the value now, all you need to do is sign-up for our bi-weekly Expo newsletter. The Expo newsletter will introduce you to the content and the questions that will be handled during the expo.

Don’t miss out on the quizzes in the newsletters; the winners will receive their prizes at the Expo.

We will, in time to come, provide more information about our Expo partners.



We would like to congratulate Marcia Maruma on winning the February newsletter quiz. 

Marcia has won a R 500 Takealot voucher. We hope you enjoy your prize!

If you would like to win a voucher, you can participate in our April quiz and we will announce the winner in our June newsletter.



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