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We have an exciting new opportunity for anyone to become a Shadowmatch Promoter!

We have found that many people, whether completing the Shadowmatch worksheet as part of an exercise for their organisation or as part of an individual improvement journey, want to share the benefit they gained from Shadowmatch with others. We want to encourage everyone to promote the value of Shadowmatch to your network and earn an income!

So how does it work?

  1. Sign up as a Promoter Click Here

  2. Share the value of the system with your network. If there is someone who is interested and willing to be contacted by the Shadowmatch office, you can log them as a lead (keeping POPIA regulations in mind).

  3. A consultant from the office will follow-up with them, complete a system demonstration, and finalise the sign-on process.

  4. Once a client has signed on, the Shadowmatch Promoter will earn 10% on the client’s usage for as long as they remain a client with Shadowmatch.

  5. The Shadowmatch Team will keep the Promoter up to date regarding the progress.

Shadowmatch Promoter Video

Want to do it, but don’t know how. Relax, we also offer training for Promoters who need some help, and it is for free! There are resources available to you which will equip you with everything you need.

Missed the short webinar we hosted in August, you can watch it here



Coaching in business has become one of the critical functions towards employee performance optimization. The Shadowmatch System has a network of coaches that could provide valuable services in this regard.

The Shadowmatch team hosted a webinar to explain the principles and practices of coaching in business.

You can watch the webinar here


Shadowmatch coaches can provide coaching in the following areas:

This coaching is for anyone believing that life can be better and would like to follow a program that will empower them to live a successful life!


If you would like to develop a specific habit for a specific purpose, then this coaching is for you!


Any student will benefit from this coaching! It follows a short program to assist the student in finding the best study methods for their unique habits!


If you fall into one of the following categories, then Career Coaching is for you!

1. You are a school leaver or young student and need to make a career choice.

2. You are already a working adult and you would like to make a career change.

3. You would like to progress in your current career.

4. You are nearing retirement and would like to pursue something new post-retirement.



The Shadowmatch Research Team is in the process of analyzing pre-Covid and post-Covid results. Early indications are that the process we had to follow to find our way through very challenging times has changed our habits.

The question is, has it changed our habits such that we will easily go back to the patterns that existed in our lives before Covid? It might be a good idea to compare the habits of employees pre-Covid to post-Covid and, in doing so, better understand the impact that the pandemic had on us.

Contact us for more information on this (



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