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May 2021


The Shadowmatch Coaching Platform is Live!!!!

We are very excited, and proud, to share that we have officially launched the Shadowmatch Coaching Platform! Shadowmatch believes that this platform is at the forefront of Industry 4.0 developments to automate processes and continue to help people live better lives!

The Shadowmatch Coaching Platform is mainly used by: (1) Individuals who are in need of coaching, (2) Coaches who would like to build a coaching practice or already have a coaching practice, (3) Business coaches employed within a business who fulfill the role of coach to internal employees, and (4) Companies in need of external coaches for their employees if and when necessary.


The Shadowmatch Coaching Platform offers programmes in the following four areas:

Fulfilment Coaching

Shadowmatch provides a meaningful life-building programme that is based on an individual’s unique habits.This programme will progressively change

an individual’s life to be better, more meaningful, and much

more fulfilling.

Career Coaching

Individuals who want to decide what their optimal career should be, individuals who are not convinced that their current careers are optimal and want to make a change, and individuals who seek long-term coaching to progress with their current careers, will all benefit from Career Coaching.

Study Method Coaching

Individuals studying in high school, college, or university (full time or part-time), will be provided with a study method that works optimally based on their unique habits. The coach will guide and help individuals to explore and fine-tune this method.

Personal Development Programmes Coaching

Shadowmatch PDPs are used to build specific habits through experience-based habit building programmes that can help individuals build strong behavioural patterns that will empower them to deal with specific challenges in life.



Please visit our Coaching website for more information on the four programmes.


If you are a coach, whether you would like to build a coaching practice, use the Shadowmatch Coaching Platform for your established coaching practice, or a business coach employed by a business, we have made the process to sign up as a coach very easy.


Join one of our information webinars:


Want to see how it all works? No problem, we want you to be informed!


Remember to keep an eye on our Events page, when you are on for our upcoming webinars, follow along on our social media platforms, or access any of our main products.

Shadowmatch develops systems to ensure success for all!



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