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Newsletter February 2021

EXCITING NEWS OF THE MONTH : Launching the Shadowmatch Coaching Platform Soon!

Industry 4.0 is an industrial revolution that automates processes, functions, services, and operations. The pace of this revolution is shocking at the moment! Fingerprint passports, online learning without lectures and facial recognition security systems are only few to mention. How do these developments impact the career progress of critical employees? The impact can be massive! If your people stay behind, your business stays behind. Skills training and knowledge learning will become an automated process, but the individual must continuously development in terms of behavioural, social, motivational and business management capabilities. If this doesn’t happen, employees will not easily fit into the moulds of the future business. There are however further implications to this challenge, if the business runs out of leading-edge individuals, it will not be able to build a sustainable future.

Critical people in the business must be assigned to a coach. This is important for the progress of the individual as well as the business. The Shadowmatch Coaching Platform is the only industry 4.0 enabled system to ensure the coaching process stays focused on the future success of the individual and the business. A dedicated Shadowmatch coach is a must and can give businesses and individuals the edge.

The Shadowmatch Coaching Platform will enable coaches to follow a structured coaching process. The Coaching Platform will provide four coaching programmes with coaching content! This platform is a MUST for anyone already running a coaching business or fulfilling the role as a coach in a business. This Shadowmatch Coaching Platform can transform your coaching! It makes coaching an adventure for client and coach!

Join us on 17 March for more detail on this exciting new development!

Shadowmatch develops systems to ensure success for all!




Shadowmatch and Skillsgrid Demo’s

Once a month we host a demo session to showcase the Shadowmatch and Skillsgrid systems to new or interested companies. If you would like to attend a session, or want to refer someone, please click here to book your free session (select ‘System Demo’ from the available categories) :

3 March 2021 15h00 – 16h00

7 April 2021 15h00 – 16h00


If you have missed any of our webinars, please find them on our YouTube Channel.


We have already hosted two webinars for 2021, below are the details!


Webinar 1: Full Shadowmatch and Skillsgrid Demonstration.

In this webinar you will see a full demonstration of all the functionalities of the Shadowmatch system, the Skillsgrid system as well as get a glimpse of the Career Report and Study Method Report.


Webinar 2: The Energy and Focus of a Group.

An exiting webinar unpacking Energy and Focus of a Group. The success of any team is largely dependent on their energy and shared focus on a common goal. During this webinar we share important and interesting information on how to ensure shared group energy as well as how to create that single focus for everyone in the team!




The Shadowmatch research team is aware of the fact that the Covid pandemic has caused enormous stress to individuals, families and society in general. Although stress should not only be regarded as negative, there is a point where stress becomes too much and it then compromises the success of the individual and the collective success of a community. The team embarked on a research initiative and discovered that people tend to use their strong habits to deal with stress. But there seems to be much more to it than that. The Shadowmatch Team will, when the research work is done, create a report that will enable individuals to deal with stress in the most optimal manner. Early indications are that dealing with stress has two components: to act, and, to avoid. But acting and avoiding is different for every individual. The team will keep you posted on the development.


We are currently doing a series of short snippets from the powerful book Atomic Habits by James Clear on our social media platforms. Please follow along, like and share!




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