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And just like that we are over the half-way mark of 2021!

We have two important announcements to make in this letter. The first, a webinar to help address anxiety, and the second, an opportunity to become a Promoter for Shadowmatch.



Shadowmatch wants to serve the community by providing critical information and guiding content to help people live a meaningful and successful life. On Tuesday, 26 July, our Head of Research and Development, Pieter de Villiers, presented a webinar on anxiety. More than 200 people attended, and the feedback was that we must present this again. Participants noted that the content, guidelines, and framework to understand anxiety were fantastic!

We will present the webinar again on Tuesday, 17 August at 3:00 PM SAST. To book your seat, click here:

This webinar is presented in such a way that professional people working as therapists, coaches, and counsellors, learn how to understand anxiety better. It helps non-psychology people to understand anxiety better. It also provides practical guidelines to those who live with anxiety on working your way out of it.



Shadowmatch is a world-class product. This is a statement that cannot easily be challenged. You can now become a Shadowmatch Promoter and earn a passive income by telling other people what the system can do for them. Decision-makers in large corporations and business owners of small and medium enterprises can all use the system!

Sports, as well as learning institutions, can successfully use Shadowmatch.

If the client you introduced decides to use the system, you earn a commission. We will launch this new initiative during a webinar on

Tuesday, 24 August at 3:00 PM SAST. Join us and learn how this initiative can create an income for you. Click here to book for the webinar:



We have you covered! A Shadowmatch Coach can help you build a better life by taking you through coaching programmes that focus on strengthening or reconstructing your unique habits. We offer Career Coaching, Study Method Coaching, Fulfilment Coaching, and Personal Development Coaching.

Sign up today!

Please stay safe!



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