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Shadowmatch Newsletter March 2023

As we wrap up the first quarter of the year, we hope that you have experienced success in your life and relationships and can look forward to the second quarter with optimism, despite all the things going on in our country at the moment.

The Shadowmatch Team have been busy with ensuring clients, consultants and coaches start off the year well and we have focused on providing support where needed and enhancing our systems. Here is a recap of the highlights.


1. Exciting News of the Month

We will have a Shadowmatch Skills Quiz as part of every newsletter for 2023. The quiz will have five questions relating to all things Shadowmatch. All you have to do is register by clicking the below link and answer the questions. The individual with the most correct answers wins a prize! If we have more than one person who answered all the questions correctly, we will use a randomiser to decide on the winner.

For our first prize, we have the book, ‘Through the Looking Glass into the Mirror’ by the two founders of Shadowmatch, Pieter and Lizette de Villiers, and their co-author Dr Jan Niemand, up for grabs.

If you participate in all the quizzes for the year, and you get the most correct answers, there will be a special mystery prize! So join the fun and click on the link below to participate!


2. Shadowmatch System

To further enhance system users’ experience when using the Shadowmatch system, we have developed a self-help function. By clicking on the ‘Need Help?’ button at the top of the landing page of the system, or the question mark at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, a menu with self-help videos will open, structured according to categories.

We want to empower and equip you to use the system when and how you need it but as always, your dedicated consultant is just an email or phone call away.

To contact your dedicated consultant, you can scroll down on the “Knowledge Base and Support” pop-up and complete the “Can’t find what you need?” section.

A friendly reminder that we have set aside the first Wednesday of every month for a system webinar to upskill our system users on system management and navigation. All our webinars are free and you get access to becoming more advanced in using the Shadowmatch system at no additional cost to you!

To view the scheduled webinars, click on ‘Events 2023’ on, and select ‘Shadowmatch System User Accreditation’ in the Events drop-down. The next event in the calendar will also be displayed at the bottom of the login page.

If you have missed any of our webinars, do not despair, they are loaded on our Shadowmatch YouTube Channel. Click below to view our channel.


3. Relationship Coaching