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Dear Shadowmatch Friends

We are delighted to embark on another year full of exciting events and initiatives with you. As always, we strive to support you to achieve success in all you do! To kick of the year, we have a few important announcements and some new things cooking in the kitchen.

Grab a cup of coffee or tea, put your legs up and catch up on what is happening in the world of Shadowmatch.


1. Exciting News of the Month

We kicked off the year with our 2023 Launch Webinar on 25 January 2023, attended by clients, consultants, system users and Shadowmatch coaches. Some important topics covered to take note of are:

  • Practical arrangements of who is responsible for what at Shadowmatch.

  • Our training calendar.

  • New developments on the Coaching Platform.

  • Regular discount offerings to clients and individuals.

  • Services to employees of companies.

  • Valuable information and training for Shadowmatch coaches using the Shadowmatch Coaching Platform.


If you were unable to join us, you can watch the recording here:


2. Promotions and Special Offers

As mentioned during our Launch Webinar we want to further extend the value of everything that Shadowmatch offers through promotions and special offers. This initiative will introduce new developments and/or reports or will happen just because we value our Shadowmatch friends and family so much, that we want to spoil you from time-to-time.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, our first promotion will help to spread some love and help you manage the relationships in your life more successfully. From the week of Valentine’s Day (13 – 17 February), all Relationship Reports will have a 40% discount.

To get your Relationship Reports, go to and follow the ‘Quick Buy Reports’ button to select which Relationship Report you would like to get.

Want to understand how the Reports page work, here is a short video explaining the whole process:


3. Relationship Webinars

Starting last year, we wanted to drive specific community initiatives each year. In 2022 we hosted a series on Parenting, which was a very insightful and educational webinar series for all parents. If you missed this series, please visit our YouTube Channel to watch the 4-part series.

In 2023, we will be focusing on enabling people to build stronger relationships. In the virtual and digital world we are currently living, playing and working in, it is now even more important to ensure that we invest in our relationships with others.

You can find the Relationship Webinars under the Community Initiative menu option on our Events list.

Don’t miss out and pen the dates in now!

29 March Understanding Relationships: Love

31 May Understanding Relationships: Friendship

30 August Understanding Relationships: Business Relationships

29 November Understanding Relationships: Security


4. Shadowmatch Calendar

At Shadowmatch we believe that continuous learning is not just a habit, but a non-negotiable and we have a jammed-packed year planned! You can access our training calendar from or

From the main website, click on ‘Events 2023’ in the top menu


And from the Shadowmatch system login page, click on ‘Events 2023’ in the top right menu, or click the ‘Next Event’ at the bottom of the page.


5. Become a Powerful Coach

The coaching industry and being able to coach (whether as a full-time coach, or as a leader, manager, or any other profession) is becoming ever more important. In fact, leaders and managers cannot afford not to coach!

However, getting started with your journey as a coach can be overwhelming and, quite frankly, expensive! Coaching 101 was designed to introduce people to coaching and the coaching industry in a measured, structured and organised way. Plus, it does not cost an arm and a leg!

Coaching can be such a powerful way to develop others, and Rescript Consulting has demystified using coaching as a development, leadership and management tool in this accessible, online course.

Whether you want to become a qualified independent coach, want to incorporate coaching in your practice, or use it in leadership and management, this course is for you!

Rescript Coach Training Video

1st run: 25 February , 11 March, 18 March 2nd run: 1, 8 and 15 July 3rd run: 7, 14 and 21 October

Be empowered for only R 7,000 once-off payment and get a R500 discount or R 2,500 per Saturday.


6. Through the Looking Glass Into the Mirror

We would like to share a book written by Pieter de Villiers, Lizette de Villiers and Dr Jan Niemand titled, Through the Looking Glass Into the Mirror.

The book is about the perspectives on the future of business, education, parenting, politics and more. Any discussion about the future can become a stressful experience. It is a pattern that repeats itself in every generation. There are many perspectives among people about what the future holds and, in most situations, there are five broad groups.

The one group are those who hold on to the past. What they know and how things have always worked are the realities they want to pursue and the mechanisms of life with which they are comfortable.

The second group are those who do not like thinking and talking about possible future developments and they are very passive in their acquiring of knowledge and thinking about the things to come.

The third group are the ones that cannot wait for future things to happen, especially on a technological front. They actively search for new technologies.

The fourth group is very small. They are the minority of society but they are the ones who have and who will shape our future world. They are the ones who design, develop and build the future.

Group number five is the most interesting of all. They are the ones who do not know that there is a future world that is unfolding. They live and work for today. Tomorrow, they will again live and work for the day or the week.

This book is for everybody. It is an easy read with emphasis on practical, everyday things that touch the lives of many people. It is based on existing patterns that are used to anticipate future developments in specific areas. The aim is to inform and share ideas. The authors are convinced that the things they anticipate will happen. Patterns and trends are the most reliable constructs to use when it is necessary to anticipate future events.

The book has been written to integrate different areas of change and how it will influence the same space of our existence. An example will explain. Changing weather patterns will influence the way we work, build business, produce food and the places where people live.

The authors trust that you will experience this as an information rich experience with practical value for your life.

For more information:

To view the launch event, click here:


Kind regards

The Shadowmatch Team



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