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Shadowmatch Newsletter - February 2019


Would you be interested in receiving coaching based on the Shadowmatch framework? Great news! We have a network of Shadowmatch accredited coaches who can guide you on a journey, focusing on your habits, either professionally or personally.

The framework is embedded in a specific school of thought - the behaviourism. In short, this approach relies only on behaviour as a reliable source of information towards a better understanding of the psychology of people. One of the elements associated with behaviourism is conditioning. Conditioning is the way we learn patterns of behaviour by means of repetition and reward. The framework is also structured to the work of the neuroscientists.

We believe that in order to change your life, you need to change your habits, which will also change your mind.

Please contact our office for more information

012 430 2431



We will host another workshop on 13 June 2019.


Shadowmatch and Skillsgrid Demo Sessions: 28 February

If you would like to introduce someone to Shadowmatch or Skillsgrid, please make your booking:

Time: 09:00 - 11:00

Venue: Shadowmatch Office (191 Allcock Str. Cobyn, Pretoria)

Please click here to book your seat.





In the Resources Section of the Shadowmatch website, we have fascinating case studies showing the value-add of Shadowmatch in various organisations and industries.

Key to Success: Unique People with Unique Habits in Unique Jobs: A Shadowmatch Experience

- Guy Krige -

Company X is committed to people succeeding within the environment. As part of this year's leadership programme, Company X decided to explore and understand what behaviours of successful people in Company X contribute to performance excellence. This was achieved by partnering with Shadowmatch to map the behavioural habits of people. The process involved identifying top performing Company X leaders in different divisions that had previously excelled on the leadership programme and who have since gone on to achieve even greater levels of success and excellence in the workplace. Each of these individuals were asked to complete a Shadowmatch worksheet mapping the presence or absence of habits. Please click here to read the full case study.

If you would like to write a case study about the impact Shadowmatch has had in your organisation, please contact Rozanne at the office:



Our Shadowmatch training has undergone a complete face lift! We have shortened the training from six hours to one (big win!) and it now consist of funky short videos to teach you all the important principles to effectively work with Shadowmatch and get the most from your Shadowmatch system and results.

If you would like to refresh your learning, please contact Rozanne ( for further assistance.



Shadowmatch wanted to give back to the community at the end of 2018 and got involved with the Wolmer Community Project, now known as the Tshwane North Outreach. This project helps under-privileged families in the Pretoria North area and supply food, clothes and the basic necessities to families in need.

Over December 2018 Shadowmatch was able to match the generous donations from our consultants and supply 100 frozen chickens for their Christmas food parcels.

Wolmer also runs a playgroup on their premises for 35 young children. In January 2019 we were able to contribute towards all the school supplies they needed as well as some other items they required.

To read more about the Wolmer Project, please click here.


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