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Shadowmatch Newsletter - July 2019

Exciting News of the Month

One of the opportunities of the modern world has to do with the fact that the internet can turn any business into a global business. But this doesn't come without challenges. Time differences for support and virtual meetings are amongst some of the challenges. It is for this reason that Pieter and Lizette visited the USA to have some face-to-face meetings with our USA associates and clients. The two most common comments people make about the system are the accuracy of the results and the ease of use. For the Shadowmatch team, these are the two most important aspects of the system. To be accurate and easy to use.

Pieter also facilitated two Personal Growth Workshops, one in Austin and one in Nashville. The workshops were very well received and in total about 50 people attended.

In total, in South Africa, the USA and Namibia, more than a 1000 individuals attended this workshop and went away with a profound experience of learning, self-insight and an action plan to grow their personal success and fulfillment.

Dates to Remember

Shadowmatch and Skillsgrid Demo Sessions

Once a month we host a demo session to showcase the Shadowmatch and Skillsgrid systems to new or interested companies. If you would like to attend a session, or want to refer someone, please click here to book your free session (select 'System Demo' from the available categories):

25 July 2019 09h00 - 11h00 Shadowmatch Office

22 August 2019 09h00 - 11h00 Shadowmatch Office

12 September 2019 09h00 - 11h00 Shadowmatch Office

Building Habits for Success

We have added another short video to our FAQ section on the website addressing the question "What if we cannot create a benchmark?"

System Tip of the Month

Shadowmatch has three pricing models. You can watch this video to understand them better.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your current pricing option, please contact your consultant or the office: (012) 430 2431 /

Shadowmatch Feature

Worker's Day

In the article: "Employee Wellness: Not a luxury but a must" by Pieter de Villiers, he highlights one of the building blocks of employee wellbeing as 'moments of fun'.

'Moments of Fun' have a few critical building blocks: It must be totally different from what the work entails, it must be fun, it must bring the team together and it must have purpose.

To celebrate Worker's Day, the Shadowmatch team visited Rhoda & Madeleine Henning Pottery Studio. This event complied to ALL of the building blocks of creating 'moments of fun'!


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