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Shadowmatch Newsletter - April 2019



After a lot of hard work, time and dedication, we were proud to showcase the new Shadowmatch system to clients and consultants on the 3rd of April. The event was hosted at the Brooklyn Theatre, Pretoria and was a great success.

The audience was shown some of the new graphs and functionalities of the system, which will ultimately make the Shadowmatch system easier, slicker and more user-friendly. By enhancing the system, we are aiming to add more value and information to our clients when working with and understanding the habits of their employees.

Pieter de Villiers, founder and builder of Shadowmatch, also introduced his new book: 'Shadowmatch - Success for All' which explains the story of Shadowmatch and gives further insight into the product. To purchase the book at R 175.00, contact the office ( or 012 430 2432) or you can download a free copy from our website by clicking here.

We are excited about the next few months as we conclude the development of the new system. We will advise our clients and consultants timeously of the go-live date and necessary training which will be required so that everyone can work comfortably on the new system.



Personal Growth Workshop 13 June


Shadowmatch and Skillsgrid Demo Session

Once a month we host a demo session to showcase the Shadowmatch and Skillsgrid systems to new or interested companies. If you would like to attend a session, or want to refer someone, please here to book your free session (select 'System Demo' from the available categories):

Dates: 16 May and 20 June

Time: 09h00 - 11h00

Venue: Shadowmatch Office (191 Allcock Str, Colbyn, Pretoria)

All events must be booked on the Shadowmatch bookings page.



Our habits determine so much of our lives and we deem it important to help people understand their own habits better. We have created a short video explaining how habits are formed.

Once you have completed your Shadowmatch worksheet, you can now further develop your habits. You can embark on this developmental journey by accessing your Personal Portal and following these easy steps:

1. Return to the website, enter your Shadowmatch code and confirm your email address.

2. Watch the 2 Results Interpretation videos on the landing page of your portal to refresh your memory.

3. Look at your graph by clicking on the 'Full Report' button below the results videos. By clicking on any of the graphs, an explanation box with the habit's definition and an explanation of your result will appear.

4. To start a Personal Development Programme (PDP), click on the last tab in the top menu bar - 'Personal Development'. The system will display the recommended PDPs based on your habit profile, however you will have access to all the habit PDPs avalable on the system.

5. Choose the habit you would like to develop by clicking on the 'Request PDP' button in the habit block and completing your mentor's details. Once you click 'Confirm PDP', you and your mentor will receive confirmation emails and you can start the process.

6. In order to complete the different phases of your chosen PDP, you will log into your Personal Portal and complete each phase as specified.



We regularly receive questions from clients about Shadowmatch and its applications and wanted to create a platform where these questions could be answered quickly, efficiently and succinctly (none of the videos are longer than 3 minutes). We have created a FAQ section on our website. Currently we address 6 questions we receive consistently:

Shadowmatch & Diversity

Shadowmatch & Other Assessments

Shadowmatch: How habits are formed

Benchmark Principles

What if we don't have benchmark employees?

Underlying Principles of Shadowmatch

Here is an example of one of the videos. To watch any of the above-mentioned videos, please click here. You are also welcome to share them with colleagues and employees.




The Bidvest Namibia leadership team (80) attended a Personal Growth Workshop recently presented by Pieter de Villiers. The outcome of the workshop was phenomenal, we now have leaders who want to bring this very practical 'FIX' to everybody around them. The workshop simplifies the complexities we are dealing with day-to-day and brings about a strong action to do something about it. It was so refreshing to realize that we do not have to move the mountains, we just need to tweak some of our activities to get aligned and engage! We were privileged to have been taken through this workshop by Pieter, a remarkable coach.

By Trudi Rooyen

General Manager: Human Resources


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