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HR Expo Editorials

20 May - Editorial One

As we step into the future of business, the role of Human Resources becomes increasingly pivotal. We're excited to share more information in the editorials leading to the HR Expo. Stay tuned!

A successful business has two financial components: cost and income. The aim of a business is to be sustainable, profitable, and valuable. To meet these goals, a business's income must be as high as possible, and the cost of running the business must be as low as possible. Imagine the HR team in the business where you work is called for a meeting with the business owner(s), and they ask the following questions. What will your answers be?

  1. What percentage of the total cost to run the business is allocated to people?

  2. What is the productivity index of the workforce?

  3. What is the return on employee costs for the business as a percentage of total cost?

  4. What is your plan to increase the business's production capacity by 25%

  5. without increasing headcount and related employment costs?

These are very important questions. If you work in HR, can you confidently answer them? If you are a business owner or the CEO of a company, would you like to know the answers to these questions?

3 June - Editorial Two

In our second HR Expo editorial, we want you to consider HR's future role in business. 

Below is a button to a quiz. There are several correct answers. Select the answers you deem correct.

This is the question: in the future HR (let’s say five years on), which of the following will be core HR functions? Just select the ones you think belong to HR, especially the HR function of the future.

17 June - Editorial Three

The Shadowmatch business model is about building relationships, loyal networks, and contracting in a way that works optimally for all. Our Shadowmatch Expo will take place in this spirit. 


In this editorial, we want to promote and introduce some of our Expo Partners:

We are a premier consultancy specializing in human relations and performance optimization. Partnering with Shadowmatch and Shadowmatch Coaching, Success Enabled offers advanced performance coaching based on behavioural analytics, fostering personal growth and team cohesion. The firm also provides tailored human relations consulting to enhance employee engagement, strengthen leadership, and build high-performing teams. By focusing on people and organizational dynamics, Success Enabled helps businesses cultivate a positive work environment and achieve sustainable success.

We help leaders and managers make effective people decisions to ensure the right people are in the right jobs.

Effective people decisions are critical to successfully recruiting, developing, promoting, and retaining talented people who fit their jobs and their teams.

Right People Right Job has worked with over 150 clients in Africa, the UK, China and Australia for 16 years. We were fortunate to discover Shadowmatch 16 years ago as well. It plays a vital role in our work with clients.

We provide recruitment services and individual, management and sales team assessments to ensure clients increase the % of capable and suitable people in key roles in their businesses.

We are a leading consulting firm dedicated to transforming workplace culture and championing female empowerment. Specialising in tailored coaching and development programs, we focus on equipping women with the skills and confidence needed to excel in their careers. Our mission is to foster inclusive and supportive environments where women can thrive, breaking through barriers and achieving their full potential. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for change, Gap Cognition is redefining the future of work, one empowered woman at a time. 

We believe everyone should be a leader for themselves and their teams. Leadership doesn't just happen; it must be developed through various experiences. Unfortunately, leadership development and coaching are often overlooked. At U-Vita, we focus on values-based leadership and understanding habits to coach individuals. Our tools guide clients to the next step, which may involve online or in-person training sessions. Ultimately, we facilitate activating leadership skills to ensure they become a way of life.

As a pioneer in advanced security solutions, CASI is dedicated to leveraging cutting-edge technology to ensure safety and efficiency in workplaces and communities. Our innovative approach not only enhances security but also fosters a safer and more productive environment, aligning perfectly with the goals of HR professionals. We look forward to sharing insights, networking, and collaborating with industry leaders to drive forward the future of human resources and workplace safety.

8 July - Editorial Four

During the HR Expo, there will be an intriguing presentation about AI, the role of HR, and the way artificial intelligent systems and robots will change the workplace. There are many questions currently in people's minds regarding this topic. We will answer some very specific questions during this presentation.

The link below will take you to a list of questions. Select from the questions the ONE question you would like to get an answer on:


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