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Welcome 2022! Here we go again!

We truly hope that this year will be a wonderful year for you and all of the new ventures that you decide to tackle.


News of the Month


We have some ventures that we are pretty excited about for the year, the first of which is our training calendar. At Shadowmatch we believe that continuous learning is not just a habit, but a non-negotiable, and therefore we endeavour to provide free training for all! You can view the calendar for the year on either or and for easy reference the different categories are colour-coded.


On you can view the full calendar by clicking on ‘Events 2022’ in the top menu bar or view the next upcoming event by clicking on ‘Next Event’ just below the login box.

Once you have accessed the calendar, you can view all events per month or select only the topics you want to view by clicking on the drop-down ‘Events’ :

On the full calendar is available by clicking on ‘Events 2022’ in the top menu bar:


Training for the year will cover the following:

* Shadowmatch System User Accreditation (free, 16 compulsory sessions)

* Coaching Certificate (coaches signed up on the coaching platform)

* Advanced Certificate in Coaching (coaches signed up on the coaching platform)

* Community Initiative (free)

* Group Coaching (coaches signed up on the coaching platform)


Missed an event – don’t worry! Go to the Events Calendar, find the event, and follow the link to watch the recording:


Community Initiative


The Shadowmatch Team will present four community service webinars this year. The theme is Optimal Parenting. The aim is to support parents in their task and calling to be parents.

Parenting is probably one of the most critical responsibilities we ever engage in. It is, without doubt, also one of the most challenging undertakings of life. These sessions will be as practical as possible.

Parenting Adult Children

(15 March 2022)