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Updated: Jan 30

As we head into the last stretch of 2022, with only 136 days to Christmas, the Shadowmatch team continues to work hard to provide the best service to our clients. Since the last newsletter, we have hosted numerous informative webinars. We are also reaching the halfway mark for our Community Initiative webinar series for parents, and we have some amazing system developments that we cannot wait to share with you!


Exciting News!

Our Development Team has worked long and hard on building a Shadowmatch Reports Page. This is a website where any individual can now purchase any of the Shadowmatch Reports. These Reports include the Shadowmatch Personal Feedback Report, the Career Report, the Study Method Report, any of the Relationship Reports as well as Personal Development Programmes.

The Reports Page is a one-stop-shop! Decide what you need, select and purchase!

Please visit the page to experience this new development that is available to all!


Upcoming Webinars

17 August: Personal Wellness 14 September: Development of Employees

12 October: Skills Audits 9 November: Behaviour and Context

You can find the Zoom link for all these webinars on the Shadowmatch Events calendar:

Missed an event – don’t worry! Go to the Events Calendar, find the event, and follow the link to watch the recording


Community Initiative: Optimal Parenting

We have hosted webinars for parents with adult children as well as those with teenagers. If you have missed them, please find the links below.

Parents of Adult Children: Parents of Teenagers:


We are excited for the next upcoming webinar in this series,

Parenting Young Children between the ages of 6 and 12.

This webinar will be hosted on 16 August at 3pm SAST.

Please follow the below link to register for this webinar Below:


You can watch all our webinars to date on the

Shadowmatch YouTube channel


System Developments


Optimised Search Functionality

We have optimised the search functionality to be more responsive and individuals found through the Search function can now be selected to be added to the ‘Marked Individuals’ box for further action.


Faster System

Companies with large data sets now load a lot faster and users can work more effectively with all the data at the same time.


Reminder of the Email Function for Team Reports

Once a team has gone through the team facilitation session or a user has compiled a team on the system, the report can be emailed by clicking on the ‘Email’ icon: