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Midyear Newsletter - June 2022

News of the Month


Shadowmatch has scheduled various webinars this year for your benefit, covering a wide variety of topics from system optimisation to enhance the utilisation of Shadowmatch in a business to personal wellbeing with our parenting webinar range.

The spotlight is currently on Employee Engagement, as it is one of the most critical components of success in the workplace. It is critical for the experience of the employee. It is the most important aspect of success in the workplace from an employer's perspective. The problem is that very few companies get it right. In an effort to improve the employee engagement success of a business many programs are available. The sad news is that very few of these programs deliver optimal employee engagement results.

The Shadowmatch Research & Development Team will present a free webinar on the 20th of June at 3 pm SAST. There are very specific conditions that must be in place to ensure successful Employee Engagement.

To register for this webinar, click


Shadowmatch Webinars


We have already hosted a number of successful webinars for 2022 and if you have missed them, you can find an event and watch the recording by visiting and clicking on the ‘Events 2022’ tab.

For your quick reference, we have listed below the links to

webinars that we have already hosted

The Psychology of Recruitment: Optimal Recruitment Practices:

Succession Planning: Career Building and Business Development:

Workforce Reduction Part One: Workforce Reduction Part Two:

Team Dynamics – Recruitment On-boarding:

The Psychology of Teams:

Community Initiative: How to be a Good Parent (parents of adult children):


Community Initiative


Remember to register for our next Community Initiative Parenting Webinar on

14 June 2022

‘Focus on Parents of Teenagers – 13 to 19 years of age’.


Shadowmatch Coaching


Do you feel stuck? Struggling to study? Want to change careers, in need of choosing the right career, or want to progress in your current career? Want to personally develop yourself? Look no further! Sign up with one of our Shadowmatch Coaches and let them help you!

We currently have more than a hundred Coaches who specialise in a variety of coaching programs focusing on: Career Coaching, Study Method Coaching, Fulfilment Coaching, and Personal Development Program Coaching.

Remember, change your habits, change your life!


System Tip of the Month- My Shadowmatch


Every individual who completes a Shadowmatch worksheet receives access to their own personal portal. On your portal, you can further engage with your results, purchase a variety of different reports, understand and work on your relationships, or embark on your own personal development program.

To access your personal portal, return to, enter your email address and password and discover more about your habits!



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