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February 2020

We hope that 2020 has started off well for everyone! It has been an exciting year at Shadowmatch so far and we are looking forward to sharing new developments with you soon.

In October 2019 we launched our new Shadowmatch system and we have received positive feedback from clients and users. We wanted to dedicate this month's newsletter to some of the new features in the system.




You can still view the individual's results in the traditional bar graph, but we have added 2 new graphs; a vertical view of the horizontal bar graph displaying the passive and active habits and a spider graph.

For a more in-detail explanation of the 'Active and Passive Habits' graph, please watch the following video.



You can now select multiple individuals across various sub-entities to perform specific actions with the selected individuals.



You were always able to view an individual's time graph and now we have further improved the graph and included additional valuable information which shows the individual's engagement with the worksheet.

If you are interested in any of our other videos, please go to our YouTube channel by clicking here and selecting 'Videos' to see all videos on our channel.



The breadcrumb at the top of the page will help you to do more by clicking less. You can view an individual's results compared to another benchmark without moving them to the second sub-entity.

By opening an individual's results, the top of the page will state that the individual is a 'Resident' in for instance the Customer Support sub-entity. You can now see the individual matched to another benchmark by clicking on the arrow in the breadcrumb at the top of the page and selecting the desired benchmark. The individual will now be tagged as a 'Non-Resident' compared to the second benchmark.



Shadowmatch and Skillsgrid Demo Sessions

Once a month we host a demo session to showcase the Shadowmatch and Skillsgrid systems to new or interested companies. If you would like to attend a session, or want to refer someone, please click here to book your free session (select 'System Demo' from the available categories):

Dates: 20 February, 12 March and 16 April

Time: 09h00 - 11h00

Venue: Shadowmatch Office (191 Allcock Str, Colbyn, Pretoria)


Personal Growth Workshop

Our first Personal Growth Workshop for 2020 presented by Pieter de Villiers takes place on 3 March. Book now on our website!

Date: 3 March 2020

Time: 08h30 - 13h00

Venue: Brooklyn Theatre, Pretoria

For more information about the Personal Growth Workshop, please watch the video below.



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