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Newsletter August 2020

As the world of work has changed since lockdown was implemented in South Africa at the end of March 2020, we have all had to adapt and change the way we conduct business. At Shadowmatch, we always aim to remain relevant and address the current challenges our clients face, using our knowledge and sharing our expertise.

Because we cannot gather together, we have had to move our engagements and knowledge-sharing sessions virtually – enter webinars! We have hosted a number of interesting and insightful webinars over the last few months. Thank you to those who have joined us online, but if you have missed any of our webinars, you can still watch and grow and learn with us.

You can access our webinars on our YouTube channel under ‘Playlists – Shadowmatch Learning’ or alternatively from the below list:


Career Report Explanation

In this webinar Pieter de Villiers will take you through your Career Report.

5-Year Career Plan

This webinar will aid you in designing a 5-year career plan with the help of Shadowmatch and our Career Report.

Career Guidance for Parents

We live in an ever-changing world, and the jobs that we qualified for will not exist going forward.  We need to guide our children to choose careers that will stand the test of time, and that will ensure a sustainable income in a new and automated tomorrow.  This webinar provides guidance regarding the challenges of emerging adults, and you will receive important tips and pointers to help your child make the right career choice in an automated and technology-driven world.

Career Guidance for Teenagers and Students

This webinar equips teenagers and students with knowledge about open and closed careers and provides guidance in choosing a career.

Gap Year or Not?

I don’t know what to do after school… I am considering a gap year! Although a gap year is a very expensive year… many young people still consider it. Is it a good or bad idea? This webinar provides interesting research, information and directives.

Non-Academic Career Options

What is the best a parent can do if a son or daughter just doesn’t want to, or cannot study further after school? This webinar will assist to understand how to help your child build a meaningful career without further academic studies. It is possible! There is no recording for this webinar but it will be hosted again so please keep an eye out for it on any of our social media platforms.