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December 2020

The year 2020 is a year that very few of us wanted or predicted and is probably linked to a lot of negative associations. However, it is also the year that forced many of us to do, think and work differently. We had to adapt, be flexible, be more fluid and we were ultimately forced out of our comfort zones.


The Shadowmatch Team faced the changes Covid-19 brought to the world of work by harnessing habits like Propensity to Change, Resilience, Problem-Solving, and Discipline. Our move to working-from-home was seamless, and we managed to maintain productivity throughout the year, continuing to service our clients and bringing value to businesses and individuals.




Our developers continued to work tirelessly on optimising the system even more during the course of the year and system users would have noticed tweaks here and there to have the system remain user-friendly and easy to navigate.

We released a Work-from-Home guide to assist individuals and businesses to migrate and manage the new workspace during lockdown. Click here to download a free copy


A work-from-home benchmark was compiled for matching purposes and to equip system users to assist individuals to develop behaviours that will help them work from home more successfully. This benchmark can also be used to facilitate team functioning to help managers manage their teams within the new working environment.

Our Team took the initiative to host free webinars to deep-dive into Shadowmatch and the various benefits it offers, how to manage stress, working from home, industry 4.0 and its impact in the world of work, and career guidance for students and adults. If you missed any of our webinars, please visit our YouTube Channel.


We are very proud of the two new exciting reports launched this year, the Career Report and the Study Report, which focuses on the best career for you based on your habit profile as well as the optimal way to study, which is unique to each individual.