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Shadowmatch Newsletter - October 2018


We have now made it even easier to tell colleagues and friends about Shadowmatch with a three-minute video explaining the different functionalities of Shadowmatch.

We also added two Results Interpretation videos to all Personal Portals to help individuals interpret and understand their Shadowmatch results better. You can log into your own portal to view the results or watch the videos.



Shadowmatch and Skillsgrid Demo

11 October 2018

Click here to book your seat in the 'System Demo' tab.

Personal Growth Workshop

14 November 2018

Title: Habits are friends, let them work for you!

Click here to book your seat.



We are very excited that our first Shadowmatch Personal Growth Workshop was successfully presented to about 60 attendees in September. The purpose of the workshop is to help individuals gain a better understanding of their habits as a practical way of dealing with the challenges of everyday life.



It has come to our attention that Google Chrome's latest update no longer supports the Flash plugin. The Flash plugin is used to hear and sea video content and is used by Shadowmatch to display the results graphs.

You may have already experienced this issue and Google Chrome will ask to enable Flash each time you want to open a results page. You can continue to use Google Chrome and enable Flash when viewing results, or you can download Firefox and use Shadowmatch in this browser without having to enable Flash all the time.



South Africa and Beyond

Shadowmatch was researched and developed in South Africa - it is a proudly South African product! The validation studies for Shadowmatch was done by the Florida Institute of Technology in the United States of America.

Shadowmatch is widely used in South Africa by corporates, small to medium sized companies, academic institutions, sport institutions and teams as well as by coaches, psychologists and other independent consultants.

Internationally we have marketing consultants and clients in the United States (Tennessee, Texas, New York and Illinois), London, Australia and Brazil. We have a very active footprint in Namibia and we are continuously seeking opportunities for expansion into other countries. In all the international countries, clients tend to compare the functional capabilities of Shadowmatch with opposition products. To date, nobody could find any product with all the capabilities of Shadowmatch and Skillsgrid.


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