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Shadowmatch Team Feedback Session

Shadowmatch provides a powerful team analysis and team development function that will not only help to optimize the success of your team, but also the success of each individual team member.


The Shadowmatch Team Analysis functionality has been developed to enable teams to gain insight into the behavior profile of the team as well as empower each team member with knowledge of how their behavioral patterns relate to the team. The system enables a consultant to facilitate a session interactively in a face-to-face or virtual session.

The team session will include the following:

  1.  Before the session team members complete the Shadowmatch worksheet, receive their personal feedback report and team members' results are combined together in a team profile on the system.

  2. During the team feedback session, the team behavior profile is discussed in detail, and each team member's results, matched against the team profile, is discussed interactively.

  3. The session empowers the team with knowledge of each other’s natural behavioral patterns, enabling the team to optimize their success.

  4. The team's 7 sub-groups, identified by the Shadowmatch system, are discussed. The sub-groups cluster the team members into different groups by means of their natural behavior patterns.

  5. This information will empower the manager with knowledge of where each team member fits into the team and will enable the manager to allocate roles and responsibilities in a more scientific manner.  It empowers team members to understand each other better.

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