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Skills as a critical workplace asset
Key Drivers for Success!
An automated multifunctional system

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Brochures & Articles
Skillsgrid Launch Highlights

This video displays the highlights of the Skillsgrid launch events of 21 April and 8 June 2017 held at Atterbury Theatre, Pretoria.

Shadowmatch & Skillsgrid: Workplace Success!

The people we employ are critical for the success of any business operation. Every business leader, owner and manager typically experiences a challenge when it comes to the gap between the skills necessary for success and the skills of employees. This video highlights the importance and interaction between knowledge, skills and behaviours for success in the workplace.

Skillsgrid Launch: System Presentation

This video explains the benchmark principle in Shadowmatch and Skillsgrid. It gives an overview of the Skillsgrid system functionalities.

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