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Learning Institutions

This page contains all the resources and pricing applicable to learning or academic institutions for accredited Shadowmatch career coaches.

The official website for the Career Report is

The official website for the Study Report is

Example Reports

The Shadowmatch Career Report and Study Report are based on habits and it takes a futuristic approach with an emphasis on a changing and dynamic world. The reports are rich in video content, animated graphics and very unique and insightful reading content.

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 2.38.14 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-09-10 at 9.51.08 PM.png

To download the example report click on the report icon or link.

Pricing Options
For Smaller Academic/Learning Institutions 

If the need of the learning institution is only the Career Report and/or Study report of the learners and not the full Shadowmatch system, they have the option to use the Shadowmatch Basic interface instead of the full Shadowmatch system. I.e. the learning institution only access the individual Shadowmatch results of the learners to request the Career Report and/or Study Report on the system, no access to benchmarks, multi-match, interview packs, team functionality, relationship reports, development programs etc. on the system.

Shadowmatch Basic PAYG

Pay-as-you-go use of Shadowmatch Basic as needed, usage invoiced on a monthly basis.

Career Report $30.00 per report.

Shadowmatch Worksheets no cost

Shadowmatch Personal Feedback report $10.00 

(not integrated to SM system functionalities e.g. multimatching, teams etc). 

Study Report $15.00 per report.

Personal Development Program $50.00 per PDP.

Relationship Report $20.00 per report.

Bulk Purchase

Once off bulk purchase of a specific number of reports more than 100, the more reports purchased the cheaper the cost per report. Please refer to the live system for the bulk purchase calculators of the various reports.

For Large Academic/Learning Institutions 

This pricing option is specific for large academic/learning institutions. The institution receives access to the full Shadowmatch system with 6 student focused reports for each student:

Shadowmatch Personal Feedback Report

Career Report

Study Report

StudentMatch Report


Relationship Reports


To qualify for this, the Learning institution must sign-up for a minimum of 5000 students.

$25.00 per registered student per year.

Video Resources

Career Report on the Personal Portal

Career Report Training Video

Career Report Training - Power Hour Video

Shadowmatch for Students Video 1 

Shadowmatch for Students Video 2 

Shadowmatch for Students Video 3 

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