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Online Career Workshop

The Corona Pandemic and social distancing has changed our world. But it shouldn’t stop our world. Many individuals must now decide on a future career. The Shadowmatch Team facilitates a virtual workshop based on the individualized Shadowmatch Industry 4.0 Career Advisory Report.

This is a two hour workshop is based on your unique Career Report facilitated by our professional team.


The session will be hosted on 6 May 2020.
There are various time slots for the session to accommodate our international client base, please choose the time most convenient for you.

Online Career Workshop Booking
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To download the example report click on the report icon or link.

The Shadowmatch Career Report is based on habits and it takes a futuristic approach with an emphasis on a changing and dynamic world. The report is rich in video content, animated graphics and very unique and insightful reading content.

Please follow the link for more information about the Shadowmatch Career Report:

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