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Shadowmatch Channel Partner Resources - SA

*All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT

Shadowmatch Pricing Video

This page contains all the documentation and resources needed to promote Shadowmatch, Skillsgrid, Career Report and Study Report. The latest pricing schedules, contracts, presentation etc. Click on the link or icons to download.

Pricing Schedules

There are 3 different pricing options for clients to choose from depending on their needs:


Pay-as-you-go use of the system as needed, usage invoiced on a monthly basis. All other system functionalities included at no extra cost.

Shadowmatch PAYG 

Shadowmatch Worksheets R475.00 per worksheet.

Personal Development Programmes R475.00 per PDP.

Work Relationship Reports R180.00 per report.

Skillgrid PAYG 

Skillgrid Worksheets R240.00 per worksheet

with annual licensing fee

depending on the number of worksheets

as per the pricing schedule:

Career Report PAYG 

Shadowmatch Career Report R285.00 per report.

Study Report PAYG 

Shadowmatch Study Report R150.00 per report.

2) Bulk Purchase

Once off bulk purchase of a specific number of worksheets/PDPs more than 10, the more worksheets/PDPs purchased the cheaper the cost per worksheet/PDP.

All other system functionalities included at no extra cost. No bulk purchase option available for Skillsgrid.

Bulk Purchase Payment Options:

  • Pay the worksheets in one invoice (on this option a discount can apply)

  • A purchase of 10-50 worksheets can be paid over 3 months

  • A purchase of 50-200 worksheets can be paid over 6 months

  • A purchase of 200 and more worksheets can be paid over 12 months

Shadowmatch Bulk Purchase: Worksheets
Enter the number of worksheets:
Total cost:



Price per



Shadowmatch Bulk Purchase: PDPs
Enter the number of PDPs:
Total cost:



Price per



The price for the Study Report remains R150.00 (excl. VAT) per report, regardless of the number of reports purchased. 

The price for the Career Report remains R285.00 (excl. VAT) per report, regardless of the number of reports purchased. 

3) Subscription

The subscription pricing option is a monthly rental of the system and all functionalities. It gives the client access to full use of the system for their employees and applicants. The cost is determined by number of employees. This option is only available if the entire staff compliment of the organisation is included, not available for just a division or department. 

We are currently in a review phase of the subscription option to optimise for the various needs of the client or consultant. During this review phase please complete the subscription proposal form with the details of the subscription to be approved by the Shadowmatch Head office team. The subscription will then be activated according to the specific needs of the engagement. 

Client Registration

This form allows you to register a prospective client during the initial engagement period. The purpose is to protect both the consultant and the client for 3 months. The form contains all detail about the engagement and all fields need to be completed. 

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