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Shadowmatch Business Applications Webinars & System User Certification

Throughout 2022 the Shadowmatch team will present a series of webinars with immense value to users.

The sessions will focus on the business applications of the system; the psychology and principles, practical aspects, where and how it works on the system, and guidelines and tips.


For individuals interested in official accreditation:

If you attend all the sessions in the series you can become a certified Shadowmatch User. At the end of the series you will receive your certificate to include in your resume/CV.

If you are unable to attend the session live but would like to complete your certification you can watch the recording of the session and send a 1-page summary of the content of the session to


You can find links to join the webinars live on the Shadowmatch Events Calendar as well as recordings of past sessions

Click to download PDF Calendar:

Webinar Dates:

The Psychology of Recruitment

19 January 2022    

Why do we appoint specific people?

What is the psychology of people preference?

What are the benefits of factual recruitment?

Should the newly recruited employee know why they were appointed?

Common mistakes made during the recruitment process.


Optimal Recruitment Practices

26 January 2022      


Match and Multimatch.

Interview Pack and Interview Scoring System.

Recruitment Specification.


Succession Planning

23 February 2022

Multimatch- Benchmark based search.

Development plans for behavior.

Leadership Development: Benchmark top leaders in the business and search.


Career Building and Business Development

2 March 2022

The tension between growth and stagnation.

Why do people stagnate in their careers?

Business Development through Personal Development – PDPs grow the business, not only the person.


The Impact and Management of Retrenchments

30 March 2022

What is the psychological impact of retrenchment?

What is the social impact of retrenchment?

Most critical business risks related to retrenchments.

How should it be managed?        


Planned Retrenchments

6 April 2022

Keep most skilled people.

Keep individuals who best fit top performing Benchmarks.

Provide those retrenched with Career Reports and Career Coaching.


Team Dynamics – The psychology of teams

4 May 2022

Different Team Types.

Diverse single goal.

Diverse single task.

Diverse single goal with task diversity.

Cohesive goal oriented vs dynamic & diverse oriented .

We work with one idea vs we work with multiple ideas.


Recruitment On-boarding

11 May 2022

New members team on-boarding.

This is part of the recruitment process.

Team building with the receiving team must be done as part of the recruitment process.   


Understanding Relationships: The Psychology and Principles

8 June 2022

The Shadowmatch Relationship Model.

The easy but sometimes impossible challenge!


Understanding Relationships: Practical and Relationship Types

15 June 2022

The Shadowmatch Relationship Reports.

How they work?

Where to get them?

How to use them?


The Psychology of Skills and Effective Learning

13 July 2022

Which habits support the skills learning process?

What can be done to improve and enhance skills learning?

What is the difference between skills learning & academic learning?

Should an employer recruit or develop skills? Or both?


Team Building & Team Analysis

20 July 2022

General team building.

Optimal team task allocation.

Team On-boarding.

Dysfunctional teams: Recovery.

Optimal team management for team leaders and managers.


Personal Wellness

17 August 2022

The building blocks of wellness.

The absence of trauma.

The key role of success.

Conflict handling: Team Conflict (Team Analysis System). Personal Conflict. Relationship Reports.

Relationship building: Eight Relationship Reports.

Personal enrichment reports: Full Feedback, Career Report, Study Methods Report.


Development of Employees

14 September 2022

The problem with generic development.

The benefit of individualized specific development.

PDPs are individualized and workplace focused.

Coaching as employee development.

Coaching as performance optimization – see webinar please.


Skills Audits

12 October 2022

All employees must do Skillsgrid.

Set the Skillsgrid Benchmarks.

Export a full Skills Audit Spreadsheet for training identification purposes.

Keep an updated list of skills, critical skills, and continuous skills development as a business asset.


Behavior and Context

9 November 2022

Habits and context.

Understanding contextual behavioral patterns.

Reading the Shadowmatch Results with a context lens.

Top performers vs poor performance psychology.


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